Welcome to my blog where all kinds of magic happens. I’m See Thao your author here at SeeCosmoBeauty’s blog. I’m your future Cosmetic Nurse, a qualify trained Medical Esthetician, a Licensed Professional Cosmetologist and a Beauty Blogger/Vlogger hobbyist. Beauty is more than just a career its a passion that I literally devoted my entire life to. Make yourself at home and indulge in on the articles and knowledge.


Seecosmobeauty is mainly a beauty blog founded by me in 2012. I started the blog through my passion and inspiration for beauty. To be able to spread and share valuable information that I’ve learned from life experience, I created a blog. The blog connects me with thousands of women from all walks of life. The articles I written in the past and will continue to create relates to either a topic about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, inner beauty, plastic or cosmetic surgery.

A lot of the contents on my blog involves either useful information, reviews or knowledgeable sources with a sprinkle of my genuine opinion regarding a beauty product, service or a procedure. Through out the years of blogging I’ve written about my personal experience with certain products, merchandise, services and procedures that I’ve tried and personally tested for myself. In details, I give to my audience tips and insights on what I’ve known, what I’ve learned and what my shopping experiences we’re. My uninfluenced authentic honest reviews on; sponsor products, products I purchased, procedures I tried and services I’ve experienced with had benefit many readers. Through those trials and errors I was able to bring values to many people with contents I’ve written and shared on my blog.

What my readers, followers and a wide range of audience who tumbled upon my articles take from it are realistic perceptions of products and services. Other values people benefit from a lot of my blog articles includes useful beauty knowledge and sources which indeed can save many the hassles and financial loss. If something doesn’t really live up to its claim and reputation my readers will never have to endure such a tragedy and if they choose to proceed with any purchases, services or procedures that I’ve already mentioned on my blog and reviewed; they can at least be able to do so aware, with a peace of mind, caution and knowledge.


A full-time college student, busy mother of 2 and a bad-a** military wife. I enjoy long morning naps on Saturdays, fresh brew black coffee on Mondays and ginger tea for the evenings. The cold wet season is my favorite kind of weather, I live to cuddle in warm fuzzy blankets and wear soft funky socks while watching the newest K drama that just aired. It’s never cold enough where I’m from. In Southern Cali where the sun meets the beach it’s always warm. An inspired creator who blog during her quiet time, vlog her life when it gets interesting and change it up with reading every now and then. A professional sucker for novels like chicken soup for the soul. A dreamer, a doer and they call me the go getter. I love to inspired and be inspired by everyone and everything around me.


I’m also known as the host at my own podcast “It’s Time For Tea Talk” a podcast project I launched in 2018 where topics are sent to me for discussions by subscribers, followers, listeners and readers. These topic range from cosmetic surgeries, beauty, fashion to lifestyle. My podcast personally connects me with all my audience from different social media platform. My podcast is such a powerful platform that had given me the opportunity for my voice to be heard nationwide. New Ep series are launch once a week  on 9 different podcast station, Itune and Spotify being one of them. Don’t forget to tune in.

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