Welcome to my blog, my name is See Thao. I am an aspiring Nurse Major, a qualify trained Medical Esthetician, a Licensed Professional Cosmetologist, and a Beauty Blogger/Vlogger hobbyist. For my daily lifestyle blog visit my Tumblr!


Seecosmobeauty is a beauty blog founded in 2012. I started the blog through my passion and inspiration for beauty. The blog connects me with thousands of women and men from all walks of life. I created this blog to share and spread valuable information that I’ve learned; I love to write about topics regarding lifestyle, fashion, beauty, inner beauty, plastic, or cosmetic surgery.

The contents on my blog involve useful information, reviews, and knowledgeable sources including my genuine opinion regarding beauty products, services, or cosmetics and beauty procedures. Over the years of blogging, I had blogged about my personal experiences with products, merchandise, and services which has made my blog beneficial for both readers and by passers. I was able to reach hundreds of readers by the end of the day.

My opinions are unbiased, authentic, and honest. Some products are sponsored, and the rest are purchased. These may include but not limited to products, merchandise, procedures, and services. These trials have all played a significant role in benefiting many of my audience. Every day, I look forward to sharing and posting new valuable contents and information.


Don’t forget to check out my podcast, “It’s Time For Tea Talk,” a podcast project launched in 2018 where topics are sent for discussions by subscribers, followers, listeners, and readers — these topics range from cosmetic surgeries, beauty, fashion to lifestyle. This podcast personally connects me with all my audience from different social media platform. A podcast with a powerful platform allowing me to be heard nationwide. I try my best to launch New Episode series weekly on nine different podcast station, Itunes and Spotify being one of them. Don’t forget to tune in.

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