Bare Republic Sunscreens

Summer is coming, and in southern Cali, everyone is getting ready to invite this blazing heat. One of the most crucial product to always have is sunscreen, especially during the summer. I know that not everyone coordinates sunscreen into their daily routine or skincare regimen (which they should), but it is an essential skin tool during the summer. All sunscreen are not made equal, and one size fits all may not be for every skin type. Bare Republic carries a few different kinds of SPF that are worth checking out. The three that I will be reviewing into day’s blog are;

1.Bare Republic Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion
2.Bare Republic Mineral Lotion Diamond Dusk
3.Bare Republic Mineral Lotion Sunscreen Spray Coco-Mango

Who are Bare Republic?
Bare Republic is a line founded by a group of friends in California who share many similar interests; Adventures, Health, and Wellness. They launch Bare Republic with a mission statement to provide clean- ingredients trusted performance, environmentally friendly products that do not compromise the health of our skin.

Bare Republic Mineral Face Sunscreen Lotion

This product is advertised to provide a soft non-greasy feel to it with a matte finish. Most sunscreens are sticky and greasy, which makes it inconvenient for face application. I tested out this product for a week on myself and during outdoor hikes to see how well it work. The sunscreen works accordingly to how it’s advertised; no grease with a matt finish and absorbs quickly. The matte finish to the sunscreen is excellent for extreme activities that require for the body to sweat. It prevents the sunscreen from getting into the eyes when sweating. It’s also excellent for oily skin, and it is worthy of using during hikes, outdoor sports, and under makeup.

If you have dry, irritated skin I recommend you to apply an oil serum onto your face the night before wearing it in the morning. It will prevent dry skin from feeling itchy or getting irritated after applying the sunscreen. For proper protection, sunscreen should always be the first layer before any morning skincare regimen, toner, or lotion. Since Bare Republic strive for Eco-friendly ingredients with fewer chemicals, the sunscreen must be applied again after 40 minutes of being in the water or extreme sweating.

When traveling by plane, it is hard to bring along sunscreens or lotions since a particular ounce can only be brought on board; however, Bare Republic made their packaging size for their face sunscreen, TSA approved. The sunscreen is a suitable product for travels.

A very Matt finish to it.

The active ingredients are Titanium Dioxide-5.2% and Zinc Oxide-2.5%. Titanium Dioxide helps filter out UV light and stopping the skin from absorbing it. Titanium Dioxide is known to have a white cast to it which can make a face appear white or powdery in camera when using flash. Zinc Oxide is a physical sunscreen ingredient known for creating a protective waterproof barrier between the skin and the sun.

Bare Republic Mineral Diamond Dusk

The holograph Mineral Diamond Dusk by Bare Republic is a fun sunscreen to wear. It leaves glitter and shimmery after effects. It is an excellent sunscreen for kids and adults (an adult who don’t mind the glitter). It makes the skin very pretty when sunlight hits, and it also gives off an illuminating touch to it. The product is manufactured and made in the united state, which assures the quality and safety due to the US having some of the strictest policy. The Diamond Dusk has a little more protection than the Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion by a few percentages.

The packaging and ounces of the Diamond Dusk also meet the approval of TSA. It is vegan, gluten-free, and reef friendly, making it safe and convenient for both human and the environment. Allergic reactions happen all the time so the less chemical additive, the more hypoallergenic it is. There are only two active ingredients in the Diamond Dusk Sunscreen as well; Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. It is an excellent sunscreen to purchase for an 8 and 10-year-old for their summer vacation.

A very liquidity, creamy texture.
You can see the white cast.
Gives off a very nice illunimating effects.

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray Coco-Mango

The Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen Spray Coco-Mango is my favorite of the three sunscreens. It does need a good shaking before use since there isn’t a lot of inactive ingredients to stabilize the product; it will tend to separate the liquid and solid particles. So if not appropriately shaken you will spray out either just liquid or a creamy texture so make sure its emulsify before use. The packaging’s made with a lid that twist lock, which I prefer more for traveling since I had experience incidence in the past where the bottle was a smash and spilled all over my other items.

This spray includes only one active ingredient, which is Zinc Oxide. The Zinc Oxide in this Spray Coco-Mango Sunscreen is way more potent than both the Face and Diamond Dusk. Once the product’s applied, unlike other sunscreens, it does require rubbing it into the skin for better absorption and disbursment. It does leave a sheer finish as advertised that’s why Titanium Dioxide (leave a white cast) was not apart of the active ingredient for this specific product. The mango-coco scent derived from extract, an additive in the inactive ingredients so technically perfume was not added. The smell is light and citrusy, which is excellent if you are allergic to synthetic fragrance.

Oxybenzone is not found in any of Bare Republic’s ingredients, and the reason may relate to the fact their mission statement promised safety. Oxybenzone is known for the lead to skin cancer and disrupting the bodies natural hormone. If you are a colossal activist for Eco-friendly products, then this line will fit best with your lifestyle and belief.

Shake before use or you will spray out chunks like this.
Its a creamy texture that sprayed out of the spray.
I rubbed it into my skin.

Overall these are fantastic products to try and have around in your skincare regimen, traveling kit, and family emergency kit.

Disclaimer: Sent to me by influenster for review purposes.

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