Saturday Skin’s Waterfall Glacier water cream

Moisturizer is one of the trickiest products to find and adapt your skin. All moisturizer is not made equal and not every product is for every skin type. Saturday skin recently introduced another product to their skincare line called Waterfall Glacier water cream. The texture and feel to this product are light when applied. It is an excellent moisturizer for daily use; however, I recommend this product to be used more often during the summer since our sebaceous glands and sudoriferous glands are more active during hotter weather. It glides on smoothly with no scent to it. If you are very sensitive to perfume or any additive, this will be a great moisturizer to add to your skincare routine. Sensitive, oily to combination skin would work best with this product since it is not thick enough for extremely dry skin. As a person whom suffer easily from skin dermatitis I find the product to be quite soothing and nonirritating although it doesn’t correct the problem it has ingredients to reduce the redness while adjusting the PH of the skin. This moisturizer is excellent under primer and makeup since it does not have that sticky, substantial residual feels to it.

Saturday skin is known for its plentiful brightening benefits due to citrus being one of their main ingredients in most of their products. Some people find a lot of Saturday skin’s component to be too acidic for their skin while others benefit greatly from the brightening effects; however, in Saturday skin’s Waterfall Glacier water cream it does not have citrus or any irritant in their ingredient. If you are prone to breakout, this product would be a better candidate than most moisturizer and lotion out there, but it does contain a part called sorbitan oleate an emulsifier which has the potential to cause acne if you are extremely sensitive to your pores being clog and breakouts. Overall this is a great moisturizer to carry in your travel bag during summer vacation and summer travels!

Before applying to the skin you can see how dry my hand was.
After applying the Glacier Water Cream to my skin you can see that it leaves a nice glistening look to it.
This is after the product settled and penetrated and you can see a difference between the three photo.

How to apply:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove any makeup.
  3. Wash your face.
  4. For proper sanitation and prevention of contamination use a Q-tip to dip into the moisturizer container and then apply onto the face.
  5. Using your finger rub in a circular motion all over to penetrate the product into the skin.

Optional product for enhancement of results.
Rub-a-dub ( click here to read more about it.)
Probiotic power mask (Click here to learn more about it.)

I had tested the product for a maximum of 3 months before I decided to conclude it all in this review. These contents are uninfluenced whatsoever. The product is sent to me for review purposes by Saturday Skin’s rep. No filters and no photo edits were made Showing picture as reviewed and as is.

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