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December is one of the most beautiful time of the year. One of my great skin experiment  I’m launching this winter is with Saranghae a beautifully structured skin care line made and carefully crafted with love and rich roots in the heart of korea. Together we partner to bring readers like you and many more who are in search of a skin care line that will not only promise beautiful skin but actually live up to the claim they make behind their product line. I as your skin care expert had put Saranghae up to the test and with pride and integrity they are willing to take on that challenge.

  My 30 day winter challenge had started a few weeks back and I’m literally on my 3rd week of using this very fancy skin care line called Saranghae. I got to say that this product is sophisticated. Before I hop into more details regarding my experiment the one thing I would like to mention is how bad my skin dry out during this time of the year. The cold season just doesn’t do my skin any justice especially on my T zone and the crevice on both side of my nasal. My eyebrow gets super flaky and red and sometimes it even continues to itch nonstop. This year I decided to approach this issue differently and Instead of normalizing my seasonal skin condition or just accepting it this year like all year, I decided to set out on an adventure to find my December skin care line. 

Before I initially started using Saranghae I was on a regular exfoliation routine with a very basic skin care regime routine which includes a morning and night cleanser, lotion, serum and a weekly scrub for weekly exfoliation. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t at all great for when the winter comes. It’s great for daily maintenance but not enough to correct seasonal skin condition that tends to act up accordingly to cold weather.

Let’s Talk a Little More About Saranghae

Let me give you a brief overview on Saranghae, who are they? How they came to be? And what lit the fire to their mission?

I can easily linked you over to Saranghae and let you read all about them for yourself but I want you to see them through my eyes and why they were the chosen skin care line for my December challenge versus so many other’s out there. A product line that started in a small village in south Korea to help cure and heal burn victims.

After visiting Saranghae’s website and researching a little more on them I was able to get that sense of confidence from this skincare line. They truly hold their products to the highest of value and promises. They’re not just any quick fix skin care line out there waiting for another sell, they are one with integrity and confidence that with time the products they sell can slowly shed off your skin’s imperfection and that alone will with stand the competitions that’s up against them. Saranghae through my eyes reflect
the people who trust and believe in them. Truth is, no matter how loyal anyone is to a brand they will only be as confident as the brand is about whatever it is their selling, presenting or representing and through that confidence Saranghae was born.

A skin care line combine with ancient ingredients innovated with new skincare techniques and technologies. To learn more about Saranghae ingredients click here.

How I use Saranghae

Step 1

I wash my face with Saranghae Nourishing and Moisturizing Cleanser for about a good minute. Don’t recommend to use it to remove or wash off any makeup so make sure to use a makeup remover before using this cleanser.

Step 2

I slap on Saranghae Perfect Balance Toner and gently press it into the skin until it penetrates and dry.

Step 3

In a tapotement movement I apply on the Deep Radiance Essence Serum all over my face and neck and wait for it to dry before proceeding.

Step 4

I slightly press the Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream into my skin.

Step 5

With my ring finger I use it to apply the Focus Renewal Eye cream with a light tapping while gently swiping it up towards my temples. Avoid harsh pushing or dragging near the eyes, it’s a super delicate area.

Other Steps

I use the Elemental Essence Mask once a week during the day after my complete usual routine with Saranghae and I use the Pore Refining Charcoal Mask twice a week as an exfoliation to remove dead and dull skin. These will help maximize your Saranghae results. Since my skin gets dry irritated patches I did avoid using the Elemental Essence Mask until my dry patches went away.

My Love Story

Come along on my journey on documenting Saranghae and see my real experience on their skincare line. No other products is use while the Saranghae experiment took place. For 30 days Saranghae was the ONLY skincare line used during this time. The progress, the results and benefits on how my journey for a skincare December favorite had unravel my path towards a new year, new skin. Watch my skin transform.

Day 1

This was the day I was filming my mask video and as you can see my skin was really irritated and red if you look closely at this photo you can see how badly it rashes up around my eyebrows. You can also see how dull my skin look with the age spots and how dry my skin was. This was the initial first day and the beginning of my Saranghae journey.

Day 7

I been taking photos everyday after each face application and just can’t really tell the difference so I waited a week to log each session and I can tell you that my skin started to hydrate brighten up and the red patches on my eyebrow slowly faded. I was able to see the differences with the photo side by side. A little of these product goes a long way! It can last you a very long time. As a skin technician, skin can only absorb so many products so drenching your skin with extra is not going to make a difference as a matter of fact you’ll just be wasting products. Saranghae’s 5 step routine can last you up to 2 months if used in proper portion. I see a huge difference with my skin and I can feel how balance and hydrated my overall skin texture look after just 7 days; however, you can be the judge of that below I attached my day 7 results.

Day 14

I have really bad baggy eyes on one side of my eye and you can obviously see which side it is. The eye cream really help moist my eye area but I personally think it didn’t do much in my case because my eye discoloration seem to be a capillary issue that made need surgical intervention; however, following day 14 of my Saranghae experiment I saw a huge improvement with my skin!! It’s not age spot free but it’s definitely healthy and probably the most hydrated since I can remember. My complexion looks bright, hydrated and it glows!

Day 21

I was’nt able to use the product day and night due to a surgery I recently had so I was only able to use it at night before bed with the help of my husband. The steps are easy to follow even my husband got it down perfectly and was able to help apply it on me during this week as I recover from surgery. Even though I only used it during the night I was able to get quite some result with it. Saranghae’s toner plays a huge part in balancing out my skin’s PH.

Day 28

My experiment is coming close to an end but I am going to push it for another week to see where it takes me. My results and my complexion is unbelievable. None of these photos are edit or distorted in anyway. I wanted to test out a new skincare line for my December favorites and challenge Saranghae to it and they seem to had pass the test and I seem to have found my new year, new skin for 2019. I probably won’t meet the deadline to post this up before December ends but at least when this post goes live it goes up with honesty and integrity. I want to share my 28 day results with all of you!!

Day 35

This will be the last of my results I’ll be sharing. There is no makeup, no filter and no editing. The picture is taken as is and being posted as is. My skin is drenched with natural oil that I normally don’t get naturally especially during the cold seasons. I’m in love with the results Saranghae had given to me. Its like a Christmas gift and a welcoming into the New Year with beautiful reset skin. My skin is so hydrated and my complexion look so beautiful. My skin had brighten up so much that it had actually lessen the pigments of my age spots. It has been quite a journey and an experiment! Saranghae really lives up to it’s reputation although it takes patience and discipline the results is what’s worth the journey. This is my love story what is yours?

Saranghae Charcoal MASK!!

One of my favorite Saranghae product to use every two weeks with the 5 step skincare routine is the Pore Refining Charcoal Mask! Its fun to peel and see all the dead skin slough off. It leave the skin refresh and clean and it helps the products penetrate deeper into the skin once all the dead skin is peel off along with the peel off charcoal mask. To watch my box opening Click Here.



DISCLAIMER: This article is sponsored with products to use by Saranghae for the experiment; however, this is not a paid article. I’m not paid to say anything I’m saying, I don’t get commission if anyone buys it. The only benefit I get from doing this is the discovery of a new skincare line and the trust of my readers. Everything written is my true and honest results and opinion. All the photos are taken with no edits or filters. They are originals and are uploaded as is.

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