Sugar Kitten Mask

Sugar Kitten Mask is a meme box product sold at Ulta with a variety of 3 different mask available. The one I was able to try out was the Hydrating Holographic peel-off mask and the application process comes with pretty easy instruction. 

The mask is infused with real ruby and pearl powder with a combination of rose water and hyaluronic acid to help reduce wrinkle and hydrate dry skin. Its great to use once or twice a week to help brighten up dull skin complexion and remove dead skin. There is a medium strength of fragrance to it which may irritate certain skin type. Even though the rose water can help sooth irritation the added fragrance can be an irritation substance.  

The mask comes in a baby blue color with a very sticky honey texture to it.  After 20 minutes the mask dry and peels off. It does leave the skin looking bright and feeling refresh. I recommend purchasing their head piece to help push the hair away from the mask to prevent any fly away from sticking on to the mask. It’s very painful when strands of hair get stuck on the mask while being peeled off.

The application brush is key to an even mask application and it does help the product goes on smoothly.Unlike normal bristle brush the brush is specifically made for these mask application. It’s made with silicone instead of bristle which makes it super easy to clean and sanitize after each application and use.

Make sure that the application is even. Always start out with a thin layer, try not to apply too thick of an application layer. Thick layering of the mask can actually take the mask longer to dry and can consider a waste of products. There are pretty good reviews on this Sugar Kitten Mask with a 4 1/2 rating. It’s sold at Ulta for 23$ with the head bands being sold separately. 

Want to watch how I apply the mask? Watch Here

Disclaimer: The products are sponsored for educational and review purposes the article hold no bias.

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