New Year Resolution

Starting the New year with new resolutions had always been a tradition nation wide for years. We all know that it’s always easier to make resolutions then completing them accordingly. At least 85% leave into the new year with incomplete resolution I know at least I’m guilty of it too. 

For those of you who’s been following me for years know that I strongly believe and practiced in the law of attraction. Its something I done for 8 years now and still continue to do. Before the beginning of a new year I want to introduce many of you who haven’t yet or don’t know what the law of attraction is to try it. I want all of you to walk into the new year with a brand new mindset. Inviting a new year shouldn’t be the only reason resolutions exist. Creating resolutions should already be apart of your everyday routine for 385 days and for the rest of your life. I want to share one of my greatest tip and idea with all of you to help you jump start a great new year and end the old one strongly.

The Manifesting Booklet

The manifesting booklet is something I’ve been doing for almost a decade now and I can’t wait to start out my new manifesting booklet for this upcoming New Year.

So what is a manifesting booklet?

A manifesting booklet is pretty much a scrap book of things you wish to accomplished, have or become. It can even be changes you wish to make, the things you want to do and places you dream of visiting. The manifesting booklet’s a book that hold all your dreams, desires and goals. Its consist of pictures you put together almost like a bucket-list but instead it includes anything relating to those 3 subject; Dream, Desires, and Goals. Some people write their manifesting booklet but I like to scrap book mine. It’s similar to a vision board instead its in a booklet form. It help remind me from time to time of the things I want in life and it’s a lot more convenient to take around. I can honestly tell you from my personal experience that at least 9 or 11 of the items in my previous booklet had all came to fruition while the rest are still growing.

There had been so many times I’ve forgotten I even had a manifesting booklet and bumping into it overtime while digging through my things. It really surprised me of all the things that I had actually attracted overtime. Looking back at this amazing manifesting booklet had really prove to me that the energy vibration is absolutely strong and one should be careful of the vibes that they let out to the universe.  In this specific blog article I want to introduced all my readers to the Manifesting Booklet. For this New Year I will be using a photo memory scrap book as my new manifesting booklet. 

Things you’ll Need For Your Manifesting Booklet!

  • Scissor
  • glue
  • magazine
  • ideas
  • print out

You can choose to be as creative as you want but I will be using a scrap book sent to me by a merchant on Amazon. It’s initially a photo memories scrap book for photos but I will be using it for my 2019 booklet.  

The leather to this scrap book is super high quality and its so perfect for this project. It’s easy to add pages to this scrap book since its made like a 3 ring binder. The scrap book pages can be add or taken out. This can actually be use as a long term booklet rather than just a one time use. If you want to see more details on this item make sure to watch the box opening on this by visiting my IGTV on my Instagram at seecosmobeautyy .To purchase this product Click Here

For your manifesting booklet you can either choose to cut things out of magazines or print them out to stick it onto the pages of your manifesting booklet. What I like to do is both and sometime I even write a bucket list of all my goals and plans and stick it onto one of the pages in my manifesting booklets.

Your personalized manifesting booklet doesn’t have to be perfect but should be sustainable enough to last you a long time. I use scissor, glue and most of the time tape if I plan on sticking items like a flower, bow or even things like a pendant or a necklace into my manifesting booklet.  Your booklet should be a reflection of you and privately kept to yourself. I bond strongly with mine so I like to keep mine as private as possible for only my eyes.

Visit Your Manifesting Booklet Often!

Make sure to visit your manifesting booklet as often as possible at least once or twice a month. Never stop building it either, its not a project that needs extreme work but its still need some work to make it a great manifesting booklet. Its always great to add things to your manifesting booklet and it doesn’t hurt to. Keeping your booklet up to date will help you build stronger visions and ideas for your future. It’s a great tool to attract the kind of vibration you want into your life. The goal in life is to enter and leave each year with a bang.

On my YouTube Channel I will be showing you guys how I put together my Manifesting Booklet so don’t forget to check me out and subscribe.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article however; the idea is original and the post is unbiased.

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