The Brobe

Throughout the years after having kids in my young 20’s getting a mommy makeover have always been apart of my bucket list and something I know I wanted and planned to do before I turn 30. A mommy make over is something I’ve planned for, for a long time.I have done extensive research on equipment, read thousands of reviews and have search close to a decade worth of products to use in order to ease recovery time. I been a long time member of and still continue to advise, encourage and refer many people over to register for an account with RealSelf in order to educate themselves with other’s documented journey experiences. I find it extremely crucial to learn and know as much as you can on any plastic surgery procedure, doctor and facility before diving in.

There had been so many vloggers posting up their amazing experienced in regard to a Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeover, Brazilian Butt Lift and even a Tummy Tuck and in each videos these women would share their journey, experiences and amazing results and almost all the time a lot of the complaints are usually in regards to the drains. A majority of YouTube vlogs that I’ve watched and have seen in the past most of them just talks about the drains with no real solution on what to do with it. Some find it quite dangerous and annoying while others don’t seem to mind it so much. One technique that’s been recommended over and over again throughout social media to keep the drains out-of-the-way during post op recovery is by improvising with a safety-pin, pinning the drains to the girdle which can be so inconvenient.

As a professional Pinterester who Pinterest daily with a morning espresso latte and a piece of bagel, I landed upon a pin regarding The Brobe and I pinned it in my private Mommy Makeover board and its been sitting there for a few years now. Now at the age of 27 I’m finally going through with my bucket list of a Mommy Makeover (To add some extra sprinkles to the top it’s with the famous Doctor David Kim of Beverly Hill). I scattered through my Mommy Makeover board and revisit ideas and products I pinned throughout the years and of course I found my favorite pin, The Brobe.

The Brobe

As a Medical Esthetician who’ve worked in a plastic surgery facility before going full-time towards my nursing major I can honestly tell you that this is the most brilliant creation alive! The Brobe is a robe created by Alison Schickel with the thoughts of strong women in mind. It’s a creation that came to life through Alison’s passion to truly help women recover from breast reconstruction and those who undergone mastectomy etc..; however, the mission statement of these robes are to ease the pain that comes along with any post op recovery. This idea and creation was probably mainly built upon the thoughts of breast cancer survivors in mind and it has brought values to these heroic warriors in ways you can’t imagine. The robes are so comfortable, elegant, soft and stretchy that during any postop recovery it can truly help lift a women’s self-esteem during those excruciating moments of recovery from any procedures.

The Brobe designed their recovery robes with careful detailing of the recovery process in mind. They have built-in inside pockets to hold the drains while the sleeves are made for easy IV access. The fabric isn’t just completely cotton it’s also made with 6% spandex for that stretchy flexibility. The colors are so vibrant and come in a selection of blue, green, black and magenta. I decided on blue because psychology states that color does impact us and cool colors are known to sooth and calm. The procedures such as breast augmentation or breast reconstruction does require a sport bra for post care and are always requested by all surgeons as part of the instructional post op. The Brobe did designed a Velcro sport bra that matches their adorable robes and unlike any other basic sport bra out in the market these Brobe sport bras are made with built-in pockets. The pockets are meant to fit ice packs the size of your hand. After surgery most doctors usually recommend a pack of frozen peas from your local grocery store for longer icing to reduce swelling and inflammation but with the thought of proper sanitation in mind I recommend and advise investing into The Brobe’s ice pack accessory. The Brobe had created very convenient ice packs that fits perfectly into the pockets of their sport bras. If you have an extra 7$ bucks to spear I would totally recommend the investments of these ice packs. I’ve used frozen peas before for a previous surgery I had and I hated it (read my eyelid surgery blog).

I truly praise and commend how brilliant this company is to create and brand something so resourceful. In The Brobe’s accessory collection they also have a shower belt for drains! A post surgical drain belt, can you believe that?! The thought of my post op surgery and how difficult showering can be with drains coming out of me? The Brobe just made it all better! This belt is designed to hold up to not two but FOUR surgical drains.

I was so excited when I saw how amazing and useful their products are. If you are also on your way to getting a mommy make over like myself I really recommend everything from The Brobe for a speedy recovery. It’s not going to take the pain away but it can definitely help ease the healing process by making things a lot easier and more convenient.

Like I mentioned above the recovery robes are made with a matching post surgical bra with pockets for ice packs. The fabric of the bra is made with the same percentage of cottons and spandex as the robes. It’s comfortable and flexible enough to stretch when inserting the ice pack. I love the adorable white lace that traces the border of the bra’s inner chest line and the outer shoulder and arms. It’s so simple but yet so elegant!

The bra unlike others are specifically designed with built-in pockets to fit any hand size ice pack; however, I again prefer and recommend The Brobe’s ice pack which are technically made for the purpose to fit and insert perfectly into the pockets of these bras.

The Velcro are strong enough to close the bra keeping it intact at the same time making it easier for women with breast augmentation or breast reconstruction etc.. to easily put on and take off the bra for showering. For a breast augmentation, lifting of the arms can be hard and almost impossible to do due to pain. Many surgeons often recommend that their patients avoid any lifting of the arms while others advise that their patients stop all heavy arm lifting and workout activities for a few days to weeks (one of the main reasons for this is to prevent scarring). This bra is definitely the better alternative compare to the zipper version and the traditional sport bras.

After a breast augmentation the arm can be very sore and it can get really painful especially if it’s a combine surgery like that of a mommy makeover. The Brobe invented a comfort pillow made with soft materials with a pocket in order to insert an ice pack to sooth sore underarm while providing both arms and breasts that needed comfort support. The pillow is size at 12 x 17 and fit snuggly under any arm and chest.

The brand, packaging and the mission statement of this product line have really live up to the reputation and value that it claims to bring to its customers. Alison out done herself when she set out to find a solution for women nationwide regarding post op surgical procedures. As a Medical Esthetician I endorsed her product and stand strongly behind her brand. I believe in the mission she set forth to pursue and established and I love and respect the fact how she uses real women like you and me to model her products.



Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article; however, the article is written to informed and educate readers on the brand’s products with no biased attempt.

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