How to Reduce Cellulite

One issue that brings women from around the world closer together is how to reduce cellulite. Cellulite definitely doesn’t discriminate affecting almost 95% of mostly women worldwide. People tend to associate cellulite with being overweight; however, it’s really nothing to do with the size of a woman. As a professional skin tech and working at a Plastic surgery clinic everyday where I had assess bodies all day for cavitation treatments, I can honestly tell you I’ve seen it all. Our patients come in all shape and size and I’ve seen women who are skinny with cellulite while I had also consult and assess thicker women with none. There’s a lot of variables that comes to play when were speaking of cellulite.

I’m sure there are articles and blogs out there that can educate and help give you a better understanding of what cellulite is; so, I want to mainly focused my blog article on what’s been working for me and what technique I been using to help reduce the appearances of my cellulite. Together in this blog I incorporated a few methods of what I been using and doing to help lessen my cellulite. Before moving forward I want to also leave an educational disclaimer that cellulite can not be eliminated only reduce.

Tips and routine on how to reduce and maintain the appearance of less cellulite.

Increasing your water intake can help to eliminate toxins that are circulating in your body either from free radicals, every day exposure to bad pollutions or preservative intakes of food. Water just doesn’t flush and rid the body of unpleasant chemicals but it can actually help maintain a healthy glow to our skin while nourishing and prolonging the elasticity shelf life of our epidermis. Always remember to carry a water bottle around and drench your thirst throughout that day because water is an important solution to reducing those cellulite while also having other health benefits.
Reduce or Eliminate Sugar, Grilled, Fried or Toasted Food

Sugar is always known to be one of the top reasons to early aging and other health issue and so are food that’s been fried, grilled or toasted at a very high temperature. Study shown that food combinations of both proteins and sugars can speed the aging process due to the fact that they are a class compound of advanced glycation end products. As we age our body’s metabolism tends to slow down and sugar doesn’t properly process. As we continue to age our skin will continue to thin out and with thinner skin it can actually enhanced cellulite.
Lather up on Essential Oil or Cream

Apply lotion or any oil base product on your skin to keep it looking healthy, hydrated and smooth. A religious daily skin routine after a bath and before bed is prevention to aging and sagging. Daily application of lotion or oil can actually help reduce the appearances of cellulite. Dry and dehydrated skin can make the cellulite on the body look more noticeable. Many people noticed dryer skin during their late 20’s and early 30’s and this is due to the fact that our body is depleted of natural oil as we get older. Water retention and skin renewal decreases over time with the loss of hormone being a possible factor can all lead to skin dehydration and brittleness.
Exercise Twice a Week at Least 30 Minute Per Session

It’s hard to get into a healthy lifestyle due to the cram for time. It’s almost impossible to fit a proper breakfast in before the start of each morning but making time to exercise for at least twice a week 30 minute a session can actually help speed up the toxin eliminating process and clear the mind of stress. Toning and muscle strengthening can help contribute to less dimpling skin. When the muscle tones up the skin will look a lot smoother, more taut and less dented. The muscle will fill up beneath the dermis creating a smoother illusion and decreasing the appearance of cellulite.

Tools used to eliminate the appearance of cellulite
Fascia Blasting

cellulite is more than just fat and genetic, it’s actually a major connective tissue problem. Surgeons had developed a new surgical procedure to break those connective tissue and really reduce the appearance of cellulite for up to 10 years ( To learn more about this surgical procedure read my Blog Article, “Cellulite Procedures”); however, many women had experienced a technique founded in Japan and used all over Asia known in the state as Fascia Blasting. A rolling tool made with dull spikes. It’s used as a tool to break up fascia in the connective tissue layer and really loosen up those connective tissue while reducing the appearance of cellulite. Make sure to take a warm bath or do a light workout to warm up the body before fascia blasting. Drink lots of water afterward and apply a cream lotion or oil to the treated area. This is to be repeated once a week and for convenient purchase I purchased mine from Amazon. The shipping was fast and the price is more affordable than famous Youtuber Ashley Black’s Fascia Blasting. The fascia blasting tool I bought off of Amazon works amazing for me and you definitely get the bang for your bucks!


One other technique that is used for cellulite reduction other than fascia blasting is cupping. Cupping can create circulation flow on the treated area and slowly reduce cellulite over time. Poor circulation is also a culprit to why some people develop cellulite. Cupping can help loosen up the connective tissue and really get rid of those accumulated fascia, breaking up the adhesion and fat cell. Other benefits of cupping is to sooth muscle soreness. The cupping tools are available everywhere online but I prefered Amazon due to their quick delivery and convenient prime shipping. To use the cupping tool make sure to layer the treated area with essential oil before cupping for easy gliding and preventing any injuries to the skin.

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