Daniel Riels Dupe


I love the kicks I purchased from Aliexpress I am so in love with them that I already purchased a white one and I am just waiting for my pink ones to arrive. They are so comfy I find them as a dupe to Daniel Riel’s kick that she wore in one of her insta photo if you don’t know who she is she is an import model who I am so in love with. Absolutely gorgeous.

These shoes took about a good 3 to 4 weeks to arrive which I was so patient about just because they were so rare. They look so clean with jeans, leggings and even shorts or spandex. Its more for a fashion wear than a workout shoe which is the sole purpose of my purchase anyways. I just love the mesh designs and the slip on which is very similar to Nike’s mesh slip on that they sell for 100$ a pair. These were half the price of Nike and what I like about fashion is wearing something not everyone have. I mean what can I say? I like to stand out among the crowd and I refuse to be basic because I’m super extra.

I bought two pairs in pink and white just because I like these settle tones. It just look so clean when worn with everything from shorts to sweats. I am in love with a lot of the items from Aliexpress! I love their pajamas and their adorable cardigans. I am even thinking about putting together outfits and apparels I purchased off Aliexpress.

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