AHA BHA Miracle Toner


Facebook ads flooded my feeds for almost 3 weeks in regard to this Miracle Toner. The hyped was high with a video to advertised a young korean women with acne skin retrieving silky skin in 30 days by just applying this AHA-BHA-PHA Miracle toner and of course I purchased it. Not to believe a miracle would happen but to try out the hype and blog my experience on it. So if you continue reading I will fill you in on my personal experience with shipping, price cost and a value experience of this magical potion.

Where did I purchased this?

I never in my life seen the actual product anywhere before except when I received those nonstop ads on Facebook. I mean who else can agree with me that Facebook ads follow you around your social media platform like a ghost. Its such a passive way of marketing and I commend them for that because it actually got my curious soul falling head over heal over these expensive over priced products, products that you can easily retrieve and find anywhere online. We can’t be too upset its capitalism, So before you decide to follow through with any purchase make sure to do your research on the company and the products your purchasing from. Some place might just be worth the extra money because of their excellent customer service and that is what will set these stores apart. I can’t guaranteed the authenticity of these products just because its an imported item from korea however I can tell you about my experience. After clicking the link it redirected me towards a website call Lily Vanity the products are overpriced especially for what the service is actually worth.

How much was the product and how long was shipping?

The cost of the product is about 45$ to 50$ USD which is extremely pricey for a 20 to 25 day ship time. I wouldn’t have mind so much if the shipping window was between 10-15 day however with this store that was not the case. With their viral ads on FB I am sure they were bombarded with orders. I want to link you guys to other cheaper alternative and you can decide for yourself if you want to order from them or not. Most importantly do your homework!

Other place to buy;




Other review on Lily Vanity Click Here

What was my Miracle Experience?

It was a great toner but I am not sure about it being a miracle toner and deleting off any acne like it advertised; however, I am sure that if this item is combine with other skincare products it might be a great combo to combat problem skin. The toner was able to remove debris and dirt off my face even after I used my clarisonic Mia 2. It didn’t leave my skin dry and it definitely doesn’t sting my skin like other toners I used in the past. I was’nt as consistent with testing it out for a 30 day miracle but for the first 14 days it has brighten up my skin complexion especially because I used it in combination with my serum and other skin care products. The bottle packaging is poor and after a weekend in L.A. the lid open and spilled everywhere in my cute leather bag (sad face). Overall its an okay product and I most likely will purchase again in the future.

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