Innisfree Biodegradable Sheet Mask


One sheet mask a day will keep the Dermatologist away. Sheet mask has always been an important skin care routine in Asia and to be specific South Korea. Sheet mask had definitely made its way across the globe. The sheet mask galore has taken over today’s skin care routine and the abundant of supplies available are endless. These mask are a staple to every women’s skin care kit it help keep the skin glowing and healthy. Sheet masks are made to be packed with vitamin C,E and hyaluronic acid serum while other sheet masks contain calming properties and hydrating ingredients to nourish the skin. There are so many brands, quality and variety out there to try from.

The quality of sheet masks are based upon the material used to make the mask and the active ingredients in the serum that the mask is soaked in. There are five type of material used to make sheet masks.

  1. Traditional Non-Woven Fabric
  2. Cotton
  3. Hydrogel
  4. Bio-Cellulose
  5. Ecoderma

To read more about the material of these sheet mask click here

One of my new favorite sheet mask that flood instagram with a Bang! is Innisfree My Real Squeeze Sheet Masks and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Innisfree they are a South Korea base cosmetic brand that had branched their products out to the state and other neighboring country. Innisfree was recently featured at NYC 2018 earth day in New York, being the fact that Innisfree is well-known for their contribution to sustainable living. They had dedicated their entire brand to provide a better earth for me and you one of their recent project was innovating a sheet mask that practice responsible sourcing using bio-degradable material to create their popular My Real Squeeze Sheet Mask.

The ingredients in these sheet masks are naturally derived from the island of Jeju with a huge variety of ingredients that range from Green Tea, Orchid, Lava Seawater, Tangerine, Bija Tree, Gotjawal Phytoncide and the list continues. Innisfree hold strong to their korean roots sharing with the world their philosophy of beauty. Innisfree had invested so much to preserving the earth that its only one of the many reasons to love the brand even more for what it stand.


2 weeks ago I was honored to be apart of Innisfree #IGIVEASHEET campaign and was able to practiced sustainable living for my April earth day through Innisfree biodegradable sheet mask. I was sent a 7 day glowing kit that’s consist of a week of sheet mask supply. These mask are so soothing all at the same time replenishing the skin while brightening the complexion and leaving a dewy glow after each mask sessions.

Monday is Green Tea

111775936_My_real_squeeze_mask_Green tea-01

Tuesday is pomegranate


Wednesday is Rose


Thursday is Lime


Friday is Bamboo


Saturday is Manuka Honey

111775937_Manuka_Honey-01 (1)

Sunday is Acai Berry


If you believe in the mission statement of Innisfree to fight for a better world, practice responsible sourcing and promote sustainable living then feel free to visit my instagram for #IGIVEASHEET give away for an opportunity to win Innisfree sheetmasks. The rules will be posted in the description box under the #IGIVEASHEET giveaway post @seecosmobeautyy

Innisfree is well-known for their skin care products and ingredients that even replica of their items had emerged on the black market duplicating some of their most popular products. In order to avoid buying counterfeit shop directly on their website only at

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article; however, the article is written to informed and educate readers on the brand with no biased attempt.

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