Rub-a-Dub Refining Peel Gel



The main reason to why so many people experienced very little benefits from their night cream, oil or vitamin C serum is usually due to an excess of dead skin that build up on their skin. Sometime having dead skin and buildup from products and makeup over time can prevent your cream and serum from penetrating properly into your skin. Having build up of dead skin can make your skin look dull and lifeless. It’s important to remove dead skin at least once a week in order to prevent any future skin issue such as breakouts and acne.

There are so many exfoliating products out there from mechanical to chemical exfoliation that can get the job done. If you’re curious about the ones I had tried and used religiously you can check out my blog article; “A Variety of Exfoliators” to learn more about exfoliating and the different type of exfoliating agent .

The exfoliator that I been wanting to share with all my readers and loyal followers is a product sent to me by Saturday Skin’s Rep call the Rub-a Dub refining peel gel. In order to retrieved real data and write an honest quality review for my blog about the products I used and tested I like to take my time to experiment with it. When it comes down to sponsored products I like to test the products sent to me for at least a month to two or until I finished at least 3/4 of the product in its original packaging container in order to release a review. I build trust among my readers with the honesty of my contents and with my readers in mind.

The Experiment


I included the Rub-a-Dub refining peel gel into my traveling kit to see how well the product work when I traveled during weekends for weekend get away which I usually do twice a weekend in the month and to my surprised I would have to say that the Rub-a-Dub refining peel gel is definitely a great product to put in your traveling skin care kit. It’s great to use for the evening before any sheet mask and in the morning before priming the skin and prepping your face for any makeup application. The peel gel does eliminate rough patches of dry skin on the face creating a very neat and clean canvas for makeup or serum application.

I paired this peel gel from Saturday Skin with their sheet mask and the results are absolutely stunning. The product from the sheet mask really max out at its potential when applied after using the peel. It’s definitely not the strongest exfoliator out there but it does get the job done leaving the skin soft and smooth and its great for these mini vaca splurge. Your skin will thank you for it.

To know if this product actually work in taking off dead skin I tested it on both my face and my hand. I wanted to see for myself if the left over accumulation are just from the peel gel itself (does it actually work or is it just a sale tactic) or is it a mixture of the peel gel product and dead skin after rubbing. I washed my hand like almost everyday and maybe 20 times a day and obviously my face twice a day so I’m sure you get the idea of which area is most likely to have less dead skin. I applied a dime size to my face and a dime size to my hand and I noticed that after rubbing the peel gel on my face it accumulated a lot more left over residues than the peel gel that I applied on my hand. So to my conclusion I believed that this product does do the job of exfoliating dead skin and its definitely not just an accumulation of the peel gel itself. Since there was’nt much to exfoliate on the hand it left a some what wet slippery texture to the skin after rubbing whereas the face completely dried up.

I literally dissected this peel gel and noticed that the blue beads that are evenly distributed into the product have a really even and round shape to it unlike St Ive apricot scrub which literally feel like sand that scratches and cuts into the skin at a micro level. Technically when a product have even micro beads in their exfoliator it will not scratch or tear at the skin in order to remove dead skin but instead it will create a gliding exfoliating motion that lift up impurities without damaging the epidermal level which is best for especially sensitive skin and great for all skin type across.


The Ingredients

The things that make a product stand out among its competitors in today’s generation is not so much the packaging anymore but the product’s ingredients. With access to the internet, social media and places like YouTube opinions are so much louder now. Information are available almost everywhere for technically anyone to educate themselves.Those of you thats been using Saturday Skin for quite sometime now know that Saturday Skin are best known for how obsessed their products contained anti-aging ingredients and active ingredients to help fight free radicals and boost the skin’s complexion. In Saturday Skin’s Rub-a-Dub refining peel gel it contains five main ingredients that activate this product to do its thing.


  1. Natural Cellulose
  2. Papain/Papaya
  3. Bromelain/Pineapple
  4. Aloe Barbedenius Leaf Polysachharides
  5. Date Seeds

These ingredients have so many beneficial factors to them that less is actually more. Each of these ingredients play a role in removing impurities, boosting the renewal of skin cells, reducing inflammation while all at the same time nourishes the skin which explains why the peel does not over dry the skin after using.


The cost and where to purchase

I recently heard news that Saturday Skin are not just available at NordStorm but are also being made available for purchase in certain states and country at Sephora. The Rub-a-Dub peel gel cost at least $28 USD and contains 2.53 oz/ 75ml. You can get at least a month to two months worth of this product if you use it once a week.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article; however, the article is written to informed and educate readers on the brand’s products with no biased attempt.

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