Asian Double Eyelid Experience

Why I decided on Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

Since the viral sensation of beauty gurus hit the era in 2005 on YouTube the sells on cosmetics sky-rocketed resorting to the introduction of many different cosmetics and skin care products. It was around 2006 to 2007 when I was introduced to Koji eyelid glue through a YouTube video. Koji Eyetalk is a product produced, branded and made in Korea and sold through out countries like Japan. In order to get the product I have to place online orders and have it shipped to me. At the time I was still in High-school and wasn’t at the age where I can have my own debit or credit card so an older sibling had to place the order for me after I paid them cash. Koji eyelid glue is one of the most popular double eyelid glue sold in the market and still used by several others today. I started resorting to eyelid glue my sophomore year and used it religiously my senior year in High-School up until I had my Asian blepharoplasty in December of 2017.

High school Senior Year 2008 using eyelid glue.
Trip to Catalina Island in 2016 using eyelid glue.

Using eyelid glue for almost a decade had sagged my eyes really bad to the point that the glue can’t even hold my lid and keep the fold intact for more than 2 hours. A lot of people especially Caucasians and other race are misinformed about the concept of Asian Double Eyelid surgery and why Asians get them done. The main controversy on this subject is that Asians want to look white which in my opinion is not true. Caucasians are not the only one with eyelids. African-Americans and Hispanics have the same features as well. At least how I view it Asian bleapharoplasty has nothing to do with wanting to be white and that is not the reason the majority got it done. I’m sorry to burst the bubble for those of you who believed that the Asian eyelid procedure existed to cater in making Asian look white but I’m sure that’s the last reason to why anyone wants to get it done. There are those who suffered with uneven lids, ptosis and maybe even their self-esteem of not having proportionate facial features. Whatever the case is I can confidently say that the majority did not do the procedure to look “Caucasian” although the race is beautiful in their own ways it’s definitely not the ultimate beauty standards Asians had in mind. One great comparison will be the statistics of Caucasian women wanting fuller lips and getting syringe injections to make their lips plumper, so does that mean they want to look African-American? Probably not. Lip injection is the American standards of beauty and the opinion of an individual and what they perceive as beautiful and the Asian double eyelids fall within the same concept.

Getting the Asian double eyelid procedure done was not something I had in mind nor was it something I even dreamed of doing growing up. Like any other girls I experiment with makeup and had noticed that I’m able to play more with colors when there is a double fold. Being born with mono-lids really limited my experience with eye shadow. It doesn’t matter how well I blend the eye shadow or where I carefully place it I still look like I packed on too much makeup. My biggest frustration is the single lid fold swallowing the eyeliner whole after I applied it. Makeup application was the number one reason to why I resorted to Asian double eyelid glue but the prolong used of the glue is what had me resorting to the actual surgery 10 years down the road. The glue had caused extreme elasticity damage to the skin on my lid. Almost hitting my 30’s I know I can’t glue my eyes forever and I know I can’t continue to keep up with my old high school makeup routine. I mean the lids doesn’t even stick anymore after applying the glue. The skin was just too stretched out and too saggy which led me to look more into Asian bleapharoplasty.

How I Shop for my Doctor

I done my researched on the procedure itself for almost 4 years before I actually committed to looking into a plastic surgeon. If you’re interested in some information I learned throughout the years feel free to read my Asian Double Eyelid Article . The first doctor I was going to settled on was the popular eyelid doctor featured on Tyra Bank’s TV show back in 2009; however, after looking at several of his work I noticed I wasn’t impressed with his work. It’s not that he botched anyone it’s just the fact I didn’t like the work done on a majority of his patients and visualizing the work on me wasn’t my ultimate dream eyelids. The searched for a doctor continues as I did more and more research on the procedure as well as the post and pre op. In early 2017 I was going to go with a male doctor located in Newport but after extensive researched he wasn’t the right doctor for me so my search continues.

One day I decided to login to my RealSelf account to read up on other patient’s experience and reviews and that’s how I discovered Dr. Gorretti who at the time worked at Wave Plastic Surgery. I decided to do more research on the doctor and found nothing but great reviews with real patient’s results along with vlogger Lazybumtot YouTube video which really helped with my

decision-making. The only thing that got me contemplating my decision with Dr.Gorretti was the reputation of Wave Plastic Surgery itself. The reputation was so bad along with the staffs which I did experienced first hand when I set up a consultation with the doctor. The location of Wave was in a busy area in LA which made my experience worse to begin with. When I got there the clinic was located inside an Asian mall building which made me question the sanitation of this place. Front desk greeted and checked me in and after a 10 minute wait I was called to the back by a consultant. Wave’s consultant was trying to sell me a face lift and Botox injections which I already told front desk that I was only there to strictly see only Dr.Goretti for an eyelid consultation. I used to work for plastic surgeons so I know how these consultations go especially when all the doctors are branded under a brand. I kindly rejected the consultant and told her I was only there to see Dr. Goretti and she annoyingly left the room (which is to be expected) after 15 minutes of waiting Dr. Goretti came in. I was given an honest and thorough consultation and Dr.Goretti left. I waited for the consultant to come back in and quote me but after almost 20 minutes of waiting I walked out of there and left home.

After a week I never heard back from Wave so I called their Orange County location and was able to speak with another consultant who quoted me but not knowing my schedule I decided not to deposit anything at the moment until I was able to figure out my spring semester schedule. It was a really good thing I didn’t deposit anything with Wave because after a month I found out Dr.Goretti no longer work at Wave. I was able to contact her and found out that she left wave to open her own practice which is even more amazing on my behalf because I was already hesitating to go with doctor because of how badly rundown Wave Plastic Surgery was. Dr.Goretti’s surgical center was not going to open during the time I wanted the surgery done so she kindly and was willingly to refer me back to Wave to be accompanied by Dr.Peter lee which I of course quickly declined. I know I only wanted ONLY Dr.Goretti to work on me and so I waited. ( For those of you who wish to contact Doctor Goretti you can now follow her instagram @leaplasticsurgery.)

It’s Finally Happening!

After 6 to 7 months that I waited for Dr.Goretti I finally contacted her again to touch base and the wait was worth it! Her amazing assistant scheduled my pre op face time appointment and my surgery date. The surgery was scheduled for December 18 of 2017 a week after final which worked out perfectly for me. My husband gets leave dates from work and the kids were out of school for winter break. It all worked out at the end.

Day of Surgery

I laid off of any blood thinner medications for at least 2 weeks and any eyelid glue or tape for a week before surgery and the reason to this is because the glue and the tape can leave sticky residues on the skin which does affect the precision of the incision. A day before surgery I picked up a comfy PJ, face wipe at Ulta and pineapple juice for post op. I also grabbed my prescription prescribed by Doctor and arranged my day care situation all ready for day of surgery. One of the best tip if you’re traveling 1 or 2 hours to get any cosmetic or plastic procedure done, check the traffic an hour ahead on your GPS. My appointment was scheduled for 8:00 AM and because of traffic me and my husband were delayed at least 45 minutes. Doctor and the staffs were kind enough to understand our situation. We arrived and checked in just fine. The rest of the surgery amount was paid in cash and I was called back by one of Doc’s amazing nurse. Took 4 Valium and kinda just doze off. Doc did her eyelid marking and I was taken back to the operation room. I had everything filmed on my Vlog. The Valium kinda took away the anxiety I had and just really relaxed me. The nurse told me I was super lightweight so I don’t need the shot which I believed will knock me out if they inject me with it. You’ll be somewhat alert the whole time of the eyelid surgery. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. The most painful part of this entire procedure was the eyelid injection where they numb the area where the incision would go. It was a pretty fast and easy procedure not as traumatizing as some people expected it to be, at least for me it wasn’t. It’s not painful at all just a little discomfort for the first day and everyday after that was nothing. A lot of swelling for me and barely any bruising. I got home took Tylenol and knocked out all day with an ice pack which I preferred the frozen veggie pack and did end up using. Around 8 PM Dr.Goretti called me and checked up on me which is something I truly liked about the Doctor. Day one was a success!

Day 2,3, 4 and 5

I swelled a lot the 2nd and 3rd day and the swelling went down a little on the 4th day and I took stitches out the 5th day which was painless! It was a little uncomfortable but not anything extremely painful. Avoid salt if you swell easily like I do. Everyday I applied antibiotic ointment on the incision and after the stitches were out I applied my scar silicone gel I purchased from Doc’s office.



There can be complications so expect them. After a week and 2 days my daughter finally came and cuddled with me at the Hotel (we were away for our family vacation for the holiday). During the night she accidentally whacked me and my incision slit open! I was 4 hours away from home and Doc was on Vacation. I was not going to ruin her or my holiday over something we both have no control over. Thank God that my husband’s an Independent Navy Corpsman for the United State Navy/Marine (Marine Doc) so he was able to quickly come up with something to close the opened incision. He used medical tape that he grabbed at Walgreen to tape the incision close and I was able to manage until it healed on its own which luckily ended up healing perfectly.

There are little bumps that formed at the outer corners of the eyes where the incision were made which soften up a lot and hopefully dissolves on its own and if it doesn’t I will probably have to make time to visit Doc for some kind of cortisone or steroids injection to soften up the keloid bumps. One thing that should never be over looked or taken lightly is any kind of surgery and the risk of complications that can come with it.



Eyelid Lowkey

I been wearing sunglasses pretty much everywhere I went because I wanted to avoid direct sunlight touching the actual incision. Sunlight can cause the incision sight to discolored and possibly enhance the scar.

1 week and 2 day results!


Make sure to subscribe to my email subscription if you are interested in what I used, recommend and don’t recommend for post care and what kind of product’s best for scar and bruising. If you have any Questions that I haven’t already covered on my blog do not hesitate to contact me or leave a comment below.

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5 thoughts on “Asian Double Eyelid Experience

  1. Hi See!

    I loved this post about your experience! My surgery date with Dr. Goretti is in one month so I have been reading about what to expect and your post helped me get a really good insight! Also, thanks for posting the complication part too! (Though mildly traumatizing) I appreciated it since I was assuming that the incision would fully close up after removing the stitches. May I ask what other method (if any) you also did? I’m scheduled to do both the incisional and epicantho. Thanks in advance!!


    1. Hi Miks,
      I took baths instead of showers for a week until my stitches were taken out. Grab crackers and healthy food to snack on through out the 2nd and 3rd day of surgery. Avoid any heavy meals and look up pumpkin soups recipe or just boil squash and pumpkin soup and eat it through out the week a very popular method in Korea after any kind of surgery a very healthy meal as well. Definitely pick up the scar gel from Doc’s office it really helped with the scars. A month post up apply spf to the lids to prevent discoloration and skin damage on the delicate eye area.


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