Saturday Skin’s Regime


The art to a successful skin care regime is creating repetitive habits. Beautiful skin is not something that can be achieved over night. It takes weeks, months and even years to get it right and maintain those beautiful results. Having beautiful skin is the same process as losing weight. It takes discipline, a healthy nutritionist diet and a religious routine. In November of 2017 I incorporated a new skin care line into my Monthly, Daily and Nightly routine. There were three specific skin care products from Saturday Skin that I used and incorporated into a regime for myself. These three items consist of Saturday skin’s Wide Awake Eye Cream, Freeze Frame Beauty Essence and their Spotlight Brightening Mask.

Morning Regime with Saturday Skin

  1. Cleanse face with your regular face wash or you can check out Saturday Skins Rise and Shine purifying cleanser. It’s always important to wash your face in the morning because throughout the night the skin turn over rate slows down allowing for dead cells to build up.
  2. Pat dry. It’s so important that we never drag the towel on our face it can cause premature sagging or loosening the elasticity of the facial skin over time. Always make sure to use a pat motion especially around delicate areas like the eyes.
  3.  Apply Sunscreen. Sunscreen should always be applied first before any morning cream or lotion unless it’s a day time serum. You want to make sure you have the best protection out of your SPF and protect your skin from UVA Ray. The reason for applying sunscreen before any moisturizer or cream is because most sunscreen are made and tested directly on skin not over any combination of layer products. Applying your sun screen over other combination of product can affect the effectiveness of the sunscreen itself. For sunscreen I use a really wonderful sun screen by Circadia; however, I would like to see Saturday Skin carry a sun screen product in the near future since sunscreens are the number one prevention to skin cancer and aging.
  4. Apply Saturday Skin’s Wide Awake Eye Cream to the under eye. In a soft tapping motion, disperse the product from the under eye to the temple and onto the top lid using the ring finger since it’s the weakest finger with just the right amount of pressure.
  5. The final step is two pumps of Freeze Frame Beauty Essence by Saturday Skin. I normally add another moisturizer over it on colder days but if you prefer using all one brand you can use Feather Weight Daily Moisturizing Cream by Saturday Skin.
  6. If makeup is your morning routine these products are wearable underneath any cosmetics or foundation; however, if you prefer products by the same brand Saturday Skin carry an All Aglow Perfecting Cushion Compact with SPF 50 and buildable coverage.

Night Regime with Saturday Skin

  1. Use makeup wipes to remove any makeup and cleanse the face.
  2. Apply on Vitamin c Serum.
  3. Apply Wide Awake eye cream by Saturday Skin.
  4. Apply Freeze Frame Beauty Essence. If you like taking hot showers make sure to layer a lotion on top. Saturday Skin also carry a Balancing Act Skin Smoothing Lotion if you prefer using all one brand.

Monthly Regime with Saturday Skin

NOTE: Step 2-6 is optional. The Monthly Regime is available in a Vlog. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel @Seecosmobeauty to get the live tutorial.

  1. Wash face throughly.
  2. Apply Numbing Cream. Wait 20 Minutes, then wipe it off. Wash the face again to make sure the face is clean.
  3. Apply toner that contains an alcohol base to bring back your PH level and to throughly sanitize the facial area.
  4. Take your microneedling pen and do microneedling for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  5. Apply on another layer of toner.
  6. Apply the Spotlight Brightening mask for 20 minutes take it off (It can be recycled since there is enough serum in the package the mask was taken out from, do not toss the plastic package the mask came in it will be used to reseal the mask for next time use.) for 2 more mask session. Do not peel off the mesh if you wish to recycle the mask. Only peel off both side of the mesh the last session of using the mask. DO NOT RINSE after taking off the sheet mask.
  7. Apply Wide Awake eye cream.
  8. Apply Freeze Frame Beauty Essence.
  9. Repeat Morning and Night Regime daily or accordingly to the season and your skin.

To learn more about Saturday Skins 3 product that’s feature in my skin care regime don’t forget to read my blog article on Saturday Skin.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article; however, the article is written to informed and educate readers on the brand’s products with no biased attempt.

downloadxoxo Your Skin and Beauty Expert, ST.

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