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Korea is known for having one of the most exotic skin care and cosmetics. One of Korea’s under the radar skin care line that’s made in Korea sold at Sephora and Nordstrom is called Saturday Skin. In 2016 Teen Vogue had awarded Saturday Skin as their beauty game changer. The line carries a total of 9 products (more coming) all made in Korea. A product distributed by Chalogy with very simple but yet elegant packaging and soft colors. A lot of their products are fragrance free with no parabens, sulfates or any additive of synthetic colors.

Wide Awake


Wide awake is Saturday Skin’s Brightening eye cream. The product comes in a light weight white cream texture that disperse after application, leaving no sticky residues or overcast. Since the base of this product is a cream rather than a serum it comes in a larger packaging size. Cream doesn’t penetrate as well as serum does therefore most eye cream are sold in larger amount. Saturday Skin’s eye cream is one of the many products that contains more fl oz per bottle compared to most eye-cream packaging that are being sold. Wide Awake, sold at 46$ per bottle contains 30 ml/1.01 Fl.Oz more than most eye-creams on the market. To distribute the products out of the bottle. The cute pink and white packaging bottle comes with a lid pump that pumps the product out. A little goes a long way.


The product is fragrance free however the ingredients of the eye-cream still gives off a very fresh fruity and citric smell to it due to the Butylene Glycol ingredient (acts as a humectant) that’s added into this product. The rich amount of  glycerin and cyclopentasiloxane that’s in this eye cream helps condition the skin while assisting the eye cream to glide on smoothly and evenly. It’s quite soothing for puffy tired eyes.


One of my favorite ingredient that makes up the benefits of Saturday Skin’s wide awake eye-cream is apple Seed Oil. Apple seed oil is known to help neutralize free radicals, improve collagen and acts as a natural sun protectant from harmful UV rays. It also contains an abundant amount of Lemon peel oil which is known to have rich astringent property and “CAN” possibly cause irritation if use in concentrated form; however, Saturday Skin’s Wide Awake eye cream’s top ingredient for this product is water.The water helps dilute the acidic lemon peel oil making it very universal for both sensitive and combination skin while minimizing breakouts, improving dull complexion and brightening the skin.

Freeze Frame


Freeze Frame is advertised as a product that stop time in its track. It has a very rich and soft texture to the cream when the product is apply directly to the skin. It lather on smoothly and spread pretty evenly with a light weight feel to it after application. It doe’s help make the skin complexion look refresh and dewy. The ingredients don’t contain any parabens, fragrances, synthetic dyes and of course no sulfates which is safe for color treated hair if the cream ever gets on your hair-line. It’s completely comfortable and wearable under any foundations, BB creams or cosmetics of any sort.


Humectant is a common ingredient with moisture preserving property that’s used in all skin care line to help soften the skin, moisturize dry skin and retain moisture; however, there are many kind of humectants out there falling under two category, synthetic humectant and natural humectant. Both kind of humectants offers the same kind of effects but natural humectant are more expensive to make while it delivers both nutrients and retain moisture all at the same time. On the other hand, synthetic humectant are used by most skin care company because its cheaper to produce while only locking in moisture with no nutrient property to it.

Saturday skin’s Freeze Frame actually contains a natural humectant in its ingredients labeled Squalane, derived from botanical sources. Squalane is a high-end oil that’s used as an oil free moisturizing agent found naturally in the human body and can be quite costly to produce. Squalane is very beneficial to the skin because it’s a natural lubricant that help keeps the skin from chapping and drying out. It’s great for preventing fine lines, wrinkles and plays a huge role in repairing damage skin.

Other ingredients that works wonders making up the beneficial components of Freeze Frame is of course obviously the lemon peel oil, orange peel oil, grape fruit peel oil, eucalyptus, lavender and rosmarinus officinalis also known as rosemary. There are just so many goodies in this product by Saturday Skin. It contains so many beneficial skin properties all in one bottle for $47 containing 50 ml/1.69 FL. Oz of product.

Spotlight Brightening Mask


korea’s skin care line would not be korea’s skin care line without the sheet mask. Sheet masks are very popular in Korea and its technically part of the ultimate skin care regime  in Korea. K-pops and K-dramas are seen featuring these mask once in a while in drama series and music videos. Saturday Skin carries two types of sheet masks in their skin care line,  Queech Intense Hydration Mask and Spotlight Brightening Mask. The one I used and had incorporated into my monthly skin care regime is the Spotlight Brightening Mask. The materials used to make the mask is indeed very high quality. It includes a set of five masks and comes with two mesh on each side that protects the actual mask itself for $30. Its soaked in excessive serum liquid making the mask reusable up to three-time before tossing (I only recommend this tip for the same person and if you’re not incredibly OCD). Do not remove the mesh if you plan to recycle it (I will put a link at the end of this article to my Saturday Skin monthly, daily and nightly routine if you’re interested in learning how I incorporated Saturday Skin into a regime.) The mask is soothing and its super relaxing with a cool sensation to it. It’s very cold when apply to the face which is great for depuffing the face and reducing bloating that occurs over night, again no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colors.

This sheet mask contains a high dose of Methylpropanediol which isn’t an active ingredient but helps enhance the penetration of other active ingredients formulated altogether in this mask. Since it’s a brightening mask it have ingredients like licorice roots for brightening dull skin complexion and calming ingredients like lavender and eucalyptus to sooth the skin.  It’s recommended that the mask stays on for up to at least 20 minutes before taking it off. It requires no rinsing after discarding of the mask so make sure you wash your face thoroughly and tone it before applying the mask on.


If you had experienced with Saturday Skin before what are your experiences? And if not what are your thoughts of trying it? Leave it all in a comment below. Don’t forget to check out how I incorporated these three products from Saturday Skin into a monthly, daily and nightly routine.  

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article; however, the article is written to informed and educate readers on the brand’s products with no biased attempt.

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