How to know if your Plastic Surgeon is certified


How many people are actually aware that Doctors can actually perform plastic surgery without having to be an experienced board certified plastic surgeons? Doctors who pursue a profession in trauma surgery or other surgeries can easily shift over to plastic surgery and claim themselves to be a professional in that department. Cases like this are not uncommon and it happens all the time. The law vary from states to states leaving patients unprotected from these kind of unethical practices. It’s very important to do your research and find the best possible plastic surgeon to perform your desire surgery. Price should be the least of your priorities when seeking out any kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Finding a trustworthy certified plastic surgeon is the most important thing to considered. Keep in mind that when you go price tag shopping “you get exactly  what you pay for,” so make sure to look for a plastic surgery clinic with a reputable doctor and well-trained staff members.

How to find out my Doctor is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Talk is cheap and its hard to take anyone words into consideration when were talking about going under the knife, the best thing to do is to do your own research on the practice and the doctors; however, with today’s expansion of technology a lot of reviews can be manipulated or paid to bring up the rating of any business in order to attract more patients and bring in more capitals. The plastic surgery industry aren’t bullet proof at all from these kind of unethical practice. In order to make your decision carefully when deciding on your surgeon is to make sure you see photos, videos and live testimony of the doctors work and most importantly confirmed if he or she is board certified in plastic surgery. In order to confirm your doctor’s certification status make sure to visit; Is My Doctor Board Certified or you can follow the direction listed below by going to a third party’s website (American Society of Plastic Surgeon) to call or find a plastic surgeon in your area.

Step 1: Access the given link

Step 2: Enter the zip, city, country and the name of the doctor you want to look into then click enter.


After completing step one and step two the list of doctors under that name will pop up and your doctor should be posted up with a profile if she or he is a board certified plastic surgeon. If your doctor didn’t pull up make sure that you submitted the right name and information. After confirming that the information are correct and submitting it with no results 1) He or she is not certified. 2) Call 1-800-514-5058 to find a certified doctor in your area. 3) Call the number given and confirmed with them about your doctors credibility.

Not all doctors are certified to perform plastic surgeries and the law doesn’t require for them to be board certified plastic surgeons either in order to perform any kind of surgery. It’s very important when it comes down to selecting your doctor by interviewing them. Just because someone is board certified  does not guaranteed that they can give you flawless results; however, it does confirm that they met all the certifications, qualifications and standards to performing plastic surgery.  It’s always important to consult multiple doctors making that your number one priority when it comes to considering any type of plastic and cosmetic surgery.  Always Listen to your gut instincts when you’re speaking to each doctors during a consultation. Remember to bring a list of questions to ask each doctors during each consult and then compare and contrast all your notes at the end of each visit to see which doctor is the right one for you.

Join the plastic surgery experience 

Make sure to make an account with to join others and learn from those who had already done the procedure. Real Self is the Facebook of plastic surgery where people like you and me come to share and document their plastic surgery journey. It’s an online network for plastic surgeons to interact with potential patients. Having an account with can give you a realistic view of plastic surgery pre and post op. It offers so many educational information with reviews and documented experience from others. It can help those seeking plastic surgery or are planning to pursue plastic surgery understand and learn more.  It contains profiles of certified doctors with real people, real experience and real reviews so make sure to head on over and make an account.

Doctors I recommend



Dr. Peter Newen


Dr. Goretti


Dr. Charles Lee


Dr. Donald B Yoo

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