Your True Authentic Self


I blogged so much about beauty tips and tricks, even the newest and hottest plastic procedures out there. I had vouched for the greatest products on the market that helps hide any imperfections that one wish to change about themselves. I’m all for women wanting to find self-confidence through their physical appearance but one thing I fail to write about is perfecting the inner beauty and sculpting it to become the best version of oneself and it all starts with our surroundings, relationships and most importantly our mindsets.

I had grown so much through out the years that I felt this is an appropriate topic for me to speak about since I have experience of my own. Human are such vulnerable creatures and it still amaze me how much impact our surroundings can influence the choices we make in life. Most of the time we use our feelings rather than our brain to judge a situation which always results in a disaster. When I speak of surroundings I meant to categorize a large portion just not the environment alone. who we interact with which is a sub topic of “surroundings” that falls into the category of relationships that’s under that “large categorize portion” I’m speaking about.

Most of the time our environment is not something we have control over and probably never will, but the environment we choose to create for ourselves starts with the people whom we choose to have relationships with. When you learn to surround yourself with people who bring the best out of you is when you know you had created a better environment for yourself, an environment that will help you grow and evolve into the person you’re suppose to become. People, things and information are like parasites and I had learned the hard way throughout life. They can infest you with ideas that are not your own and causes your perspective to change straying you away from thinking for yourself. In order to find our authentic self we must learn to accept every ounce of who we used to be, who we are and who we will become. There’s a saying that stuck like a thorn in my rib cage re-quoted by a Cosmetology instructor I once had during my beauty school days; “Fake it till you make it!” Just doesn’t set well with me, as a matter of fact it sounds superficial.

I’m sure 95% of people had faked who they are just to be liked or accepted at least I know I’m guilty for that. There was a time, actually several times in my life where I had to fake my true authentic self to be accepted. Which today, looking back I’m livid of how dumb I was but we live and we learned. Through all those bogus act I had learned that no relationship is worth keeping if it doesn’t make you feel the bit least genuine to your true authentic self so remember this, not everyone is worthy enough to be apart of your life. I had always heard a saying that “blood is thicker than water”and I find that to be completely false. I have relatives, some I don’t really even know who are connected to me by blood and when I see them,devalues my very existence and then there are those who packs on the age and expects some kind of respect of authority as if the age made them any wiser, smarter or better. If blood is thicker than water then why is it that Tommy Thompson down the street had my back 10 times more than the knock off relatives with phony smiles on their faces but yet so much shit to say behind my back? You can NEVER control how someone feels or act towards you but you can definitely control how you feel, respond or interact with people and sometimes that means… never interacting at all.

Mindset is the most powerful asset that belongs to someone because everything in life all starts and end there. If you can get a hold of your mindset and reset it to benefit you. You can control, how you feel, think, speak, and act. It’s where you grow your confidence, how you find your inner beauty and sculpt your life to become what you want it to become. It will strengthen you both mentally and physically to challenge adversity and face any predicament you’re in. It took me a long time to see the importance of mindset and I had to learn it all on my own through the mistakes I made and the people I met. Life can be pretty simple if you let it be. As simple as it sounds not a lot of people can differentiates the difference between cocky and confidence. If your honestly confident about who you are, how you look and how you’re feeling, owe no one an apology for it. Self love is the most important kind of love there is, it’s what will set the standards for all love. How you love yourself is what will determine how you allow someone else to love you. So never apologize for being too proud of your accomplishments and too confident of who you are. Nobody’s asking for you to become a narcissistic just know your worth enough in order to love yourself and find your true authentic self. Remember, winner’s don’t look at their neighbors they look ahead. After all your life is what you make of it.

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