3D Microblade Brows



I can go on without shaving my legs for years, I don’t remember when was the last time I ever shaved my legs. Having hairless trait is one of the best genes pass down to me by “both” of my parents; however, unfortunately my brow had very little to no hair as well.

My eyebrow are so light that you can barely see them, it made me look sick! Most of the time I would have to shade them in just so I don’t look so tired. I always been wanting to get my eyebrow tattooed but I  wasn’t convinced enough by all those brow works I seen done on a lot of girls. They look very artificial and unnatural.

In late 2013 3D eyebrow started trending, today known as one of the most requested eyebrow service throughout the united states and other countries. What made 3D eyebrow so popular is how real and natural the work looks. Finding the right person to properly perform the service was very rare in early 2013 since the service is so new. There was not a lot of people trained and skilled enough to perform it.

History of Microblading

Before microblading grew its popularity in the United States. It was a trending beauty service that originated from Asia and was one of the top beauty service practiced and offered among Asian countries such as Korea and Japan and probably still is. Natural beauty was and still is the ideal standard for beauty in all of Asia.  Due to the very natural appearances of microblade brows it was a very popular service among Asians. A lot of Asians admired the natural looks that microblade has to offer.  Since the service is from Asia it was really rare to find anyone skilled enough in the united states to perform it, at least not until early 2014 to 2015 when the popularity and demand for microblade expanded. There were a lot of Asian American beauticians who traveled to Hong Kong and Korea to get the training done and along with them, they brought the skills back to the states. Several of Asian American brow artists started opening Microblading Academies to offer training course on microblading. As the demand for microblading service grew within the United States a lot of  microblade artist were born.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is consist of tattoo ink and a special pen blade. The artist who is performing the service will use a pen with a sharp blade tip to cut feather strokes all over your brow filling in missing patches to create realistic illusion of hair strokes. The quality lies within the ink and the technique of the artist. That is why it’s so important to find a professional who isn’t just skilled but performs the service using quality products as well.


Maintainance all depends on how well you took care of  your microbladed brow post service and how well your artist performed the service along with the quality ink. Microblade brows can take more than 1 session in order to achieve the desire look and pigment that some individual want and desire. Brow artists usually offers a free touch-up along with your purchase bundle. A free touch-up is usually included in order for your tech to follow-up and correct any areas they missed or peeled off during or after your post care. It’s recommended that a yearly touch up be done in order to keep your brow looking fresh and crisp.

What to be expected before, during and after the service?

  1. You will be signing paperworks in regard to your service and how dark or light you want your brow to be and if there is anything the artist should know before performing the service to prevent any unwanted allergic reactions or contraindications.
  2. Brow shape will be discussed with you and properly mapped and drawn out by the artist. This is the most crucial part of the service and takes up the most time if you don’t know what you want or how you want your desire brow.
  3. After the brow’s shape and the size is determined a local numbing cream will be applied to the area to be treated. This will help ease some of the pain during the service. The cream will be put on for 15 to 20 minutes before the artist starts performing the service.
  4. During the procedure it can get pretty uncomfortable. You can feel the blade cutting your skin while its creating strokes. The numbing cream will start to fade out leaving you feeling more of the cut and scratches as the artist finish up. Pain is to be expected.
  5. After the service is completed your artist will talk to you about the aftercare. You should be given some kind of ointment to take home for post care.

How to care for your fresh Microbladed Brows?

How you care for your first week post microblade brow will determined how well your outcome results will be. Do not wash your brow or touch it with water for at least 1 week and a half. Apply the ointment given every morning, mid day and every night before bed with a Q-tip. Wear a hat and avoid exposing the microbladed areas to the sun. Do not scratch or touch the area until it’s fully heal. Keep it moist with the ointment to prevent premature peeling, itching or dryness. After the area is healed make sure to apply sunscreen to the area for at least 3 weeks to prevent any discoloring and fading of the ink.


Microblading can cost anywhere from $300 to $900 plus. It all depends on the artist and the location. Most importantly do your research on the tech who’s performing it. Always keep in mind that just because a service is pricy doesn’t always mean its quality.

My Recommended Brow Artist

I am very picky when it comes to anyone performing anything on me. Being a professional skin care practitioner and a cosmetologist makes me even more aware of who my technicians are. For a long time I waited to get my eyebrow done because I haven’t found an artist who is skilled enough to perform natural japan feather stokes,  up until recently in July. I found Lisa an Esthetician Brow Tech and a Microblade Instructor from Los Angeles whose work is amazing. Lisa told me that in order to achieve very natural brow or dark natural brow its recommended to slowly build your ink level up to it. For those who desire darker brow may require more than 2 sessions. I had to book Lisa very far out and it did took 3 months before I was able to see her and another 4 months for my retouch appointment. Booking appointment is something to keep in mind when your booking with a very talented artist.

My eyebrows after Lisa was done.

Lisa Wang did an amazing JOB on my brows and I love it!! Microblading 3D very natural and real looking. I couldn’t ask for a better brow artist!! @3deyebrows7240 #microblading #browtat #3dbrows #lisawang

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Lisa Wang


Lisa Wang is a brow technician for 3D eyebrows located in L.A. She’s been trained and done training in Hong Kong. She also offer training in her facility as well.

Business Location:

9060 Telstar Ave
Ste 202
El Monte, CA 91731

Website: www.3deyebrow.com

Phone Contact: (626) 307-7733

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