Nose Filler

Chi phi nang mui khong phau thuat - AZ Nose (2)Many people want to commit to rhinoplasty but it can be a pretty scary commitment especially not knowing the outcome of the result. Nose filler is an optional procedure for patients to try before pursuing a permanent rhinoplasty (nose job). Plastic Surgeons perform nose injections using the same substance used for lip fillers. Hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient used for both lips and nose fillers.  The filler is use to correct any bumps on the nose while enhancing the bridge of the nose for those who desire a higher bridge. It’s also used for smoothing out the bridge of the nose; however, it does not minimize the size of the nose so if you want to reduce the size and restructure your nose you will have to pursue a surgical rhinoplasty.

Nose injections are considered a mini lunch time non-surgical rhinoplasty. It’s a 20 to 30 minute procedure and last up to 6 months or more depending on the product’s quality and the skill of the professional who’s performing it. Common side effects includes redness or bruising, some patients experience swelling which subsides in a few hours or days. Nose filler is a great way to contour and add volume to your nose profile without dropping 6000$ to 7000$ on surgical rhinoplasty especially if your unsure of your decision. It’s a great way to see yourself with your desire volume of a nose bridge before committing to any permanent facial plastic surgery.


According to the cost of nose filler starts at $600 depending on the location and doctor. A lot of patients find their experience worth it and the nose filler procedure satisfying. Many patients agree that nose filler compliments their features adding temporary drastic change. The fillers are safe and are financially more affordable than getting an actual rhinoplasty done. Keep in mind that the financial maintenance for nose fillers can add up rather quickly, costing to be just as much as getting a permanent rhinoplasty done. I recommend it only for those who want to see themselves first before committing to getting the surgical rhinoplasty procedure.

Before committing to nose fillers or any other cosmetic procedures make sure your doctor is a skilled certified plastic surgeon who specialized in performing nose fillers and other procedures. Every procedures invasive or not comes with risk so its only important to find a professional who is not only skilled with the right certifications but have proper training as well.


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