Asian Double Eyelid Surgery


Asian Double eyelid is one of the most well-known surgery done by Asians all throughout Asia, to name some country; Thailand, Korea, China and Japan. Its beginning to make its way to the United States because of the huge Asian American population. At first it was an unheard of procedure within the U.S. It was quite rare to find a surgeon who was knowledgeable enough to perform it. Anyone who wants Asian double eyelid will have to fly over sea to get the procedure done by an oversea surgeon. In 2009 Dr. Charles Lee was one of the first well-known Doctor out in Los Angeles who is known to perform the procedure when he made his first appearance on the Tyra Bank Tv show to discuss the controversy about Asian Double Eyelids.


The Asian Double Eyelid is a procedure done to create eyelid folds for Asians with monolids. Women who pursue them desire bigger eyes to enhance their overall appearances. The technique was born in Asia with two optional procedures. One is the DST method and the other one is known as the incision method which requires more snipping and removal of the skin. The anatomy of a patients eyes will determine which procedure is the best fit for them. DST is a twisted and knotted procedure with very little down time, costing less than getting the incision done; however, not everyone is a candidate for DST.


DST is considered reversible for those who don’t want to fully commit to having permanent double eyelids. It’s recommended for patients who are 24 years or younger with no droopy lids or ptosis. Finding the right Doctor to consult will promise satisfactory. The Incision procedure is a process that requires the removal of fat and skin from the lid to create a permanent irreversible eyelid. It’s extremely crucial to find a certified surgeon who’s an Asian Double Eyelid expertise. To check for real and honest reviews visit before making any decision in regarding to your doctor or the procedure itself.

The anatomy of Asian eyelids differ from that of  Caucasian and African descent in many ways. Asian eyelids contained more fat than that of Caucasians and African-Americans causing the lid to appear much heavier with no eyelid crease. The internal structure of Asian eyelids versus that of Caucasians and African-Americans has a lot to do with the muscles and the amount of fat that’s present in Asian lids. Asian eyelids lack anatomical connection which prevents a deeper and much higher crease from forming. The Asian double eyelid procedure is performed to achieve bigger eyes creating a larger crease for those who desire deeper sets of eyelids. That is why some patients aren’t candidates for the DST suture method.  Having too much orbital fat or baggy skin is one of the main causing factor to a failing DST.  The suture method can easily come undone if a patient have too much subcutaneous fat or baggy skin. It’s very important to consult an honest plastic surgeon and multiple doctors before making any decision in regards to your doctor and the procedure.


During the surgery depending on the doctors preferences some patient will be put to sleep right away while there are certain doctors who prefers their patients to be somewhat alert. The reason for this is so the patients can still follow the doctor’s instruction to close and open the eyes during the operational eyelid procedure in order for some doctors to achieve precision. Asian Double Eyelids give monolid patients the confidence to wear eye-shadow confidently. It allows them to play with colors they never even dreamed of wearing before while all at the same time enhancing their self-esteem and appearances.  Every doctors have their own magical touch to achieving the best eyelid, it all depends on the patients preferences of what kind of work he or she would like done.

Chances are if you don’t like the look done on one of the doctor’s patients you most likely won’t like the work done on the rest of his or her patients. It’s very important to do major research on doctors and ask to see their portfolio before settling on your surgeon. The face is one of the major area that should require more decision-making before deciding on anything. Your face is your identity and getting procedures done on it can either make or break you.

XOXO your Skin Care and Beauty Expert, ST.

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