Reduce Double Chin with Kybella


Kybella is an invasive injection procedure that’s FDA approved used to eliminate submental fullness (double chin) caused by fat, weight gain and genetics. There are several exercise routines, creams and treatments out there claiming to permanently reduce double chin but isn’t quite as permanent as advertised. Kybella is a permanent solution to removing unwanted fat from the chin and it’s definitely more permanent and long-lasting than RF treatments and a lot safer than a face lift surgery with liposuction. What makes Kybella such an amazing treatment is how permanent the treatment is once it’s injected beneath the skin. The active ingredients in Kybella will permanently destroy and prevent future accumulations of fat cells. Once a patient meets their desired goals no further treatment is necessary.

So what is the makeup components in Kybella?

Kybella is made up of an active ingredient called synthetic deoxycholic acid, clear and colorless. It’s a synthetic version of  a reoccurring molecule found in the human body to aid with the absorption and breaking down of dietary fat. Other inactive ingredients that are also founded in Kybella includes; benzyl alcohol, dibasic sodium phosphate, hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and water.

Who should perform the procedure?

It’s very important to seek a certified facial plastic surgeon or dermatologist who’s trained and certified through Kybella to perform the service. Kybella can give beautiful contouring and satisfying results if done properly; however, it can also destroy the skin cells and other cells if it’s not safely or properly administer.

How long to get results?

Results is always base on a patient’s profile and their goals. It can take up to a few months to take effect. It does vary case by case base on other extrinsic and intrinsic factors. To get the best results seek a doctor who have the best Kybella reputation and reviews from patients.

The Cost?

Kybella is reviewed by many patients on realself with a starting cost from 1000$ to 5000$.

Worth it?

A lot of patients are’t sure if the treatments are worth it while there are plenty who had wonderful results and there are those that are unsatisfied. To avoid disappointment one thing to keep in mind before pursuing Kybella is a realistic goal. If you have a bad case of submental fullness make sure you are financially prepare before investing into a procedure like Kybella. Depending on your aesthetic goals and your facial profile it may require more than one treatment to see results thats why a thorough consultation with your doctor is a very important process. Always look for red flags when entering a cosmetic clinic such as a very intense sales pitch or a dishonest consultant. Ask to speak with an actual doctor or an expert before committing to depositing any payments.

XOXO your Skin Care and Beauty Expert, ST.

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